Strawberry skin

In this series of new oil paintings and drawings, Vik JF is inspired by her father's stories about London after the Blitz. These paintings follow the installations work that JF has created with wallpapers since 2007.

Both of JFs parent's where born and raised in London in the years after the blitz. Her father's grandparents and aunts died in one the booming's on the city with many others when the building of Alfred Place was destroyed on the night of the 14.7.1941

The bomb landed on the Jewish Girls’ Club in Alfred Place (more than 30 people were killed, and bodies were still being removed days later) The writer Graham Green describes in his book "Ways of Escape" meeting a "Mr. Jacobs", also an air raid warden and conversing with him (my father has always presumed that was indeed his grandfather) hours before the boom hit Alfred place building.

The paintings were created following her dads' stories about the years he grew up surrounded by distraction. He remembers walking to school, that he was just able to see throw the rubble the inner walls of some hoses with beautiful crumbling William Morris floral wallpaper.

"When I was a small boy my mother took me to see where she had grown up in the East End of London, a place called Retford Street. All I remember was a row of houses completely destroyed by the blitz. I think my mother was quite shaken as she quickly walked away, with me hanging on to her hand. There were houses even in Thornton Heath where I grew up that were blown apart and fenced off."

 These paintings were shown first at the p8 gallery booth at the TLV Fresh Paint art fair in 2018.